'Does It Buy You Time?' and 'We Don't Do Rabies' - the role of General Practice in Rabies Prevention

17 March 2020 15:30 - 16:30

‘Does it buy you time?’
This session is important for all those advising travellers, whether your practice offers pre-exposure vaccine or not. It will focus on pre-travel advice and the importance of rabies awareness, and also looks at dispelling popular myths around rabies vaccination as well as ways to discuss pre-exposure vaccine with the traveller.

‘We don’t do rabies’
This session looks at the role of the GP practice in assisting returning travellers who have had a potential rabies exposure overseas, whether the practice offers pre-exposure vaccine or not. It looks at how to raise awareness within the practice, the relevant information required and how to obtain advice and post-exposure prophylaxis for the patient.