Part 5 - Vaccinations


17 March 2020

10:50 AM -
11:50 AM

This session discusses whether MMR is ever a Travel Vaccine? An overview will look at epidemiology of the diseases. Who is eligible to receive the vaccine? How to tackle vaccine hesitancy around it and increase uptake.

This session aims to provide participants with an overview of the impact the HPV vaccination programme will have on the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. It is aimed at Nurses/Doctors and staff involved in primary care.

1:10 PM -
2:10 PM

‘Does it buy you time?’
This session is important for all those advising travellers, whether your practice offers pre-exposure vaccine or not. It will focus on pre-travel advice and the importance of rabies awareness, and also looks at dispelling popular myths around rabies vaccination as well as ways to discuss pre-exposure vaccine with the traveller.

‘We don’t do rabies’
This session looks at the role of the GP practice in assisting returning travellers who have had a potential rabies exposure overseas, whether the practice offers pre-exposure vaccine or not. It looks at how to raise awareness within the practice, the relevant information required and how to obtain advice and post-exposure prophylaxis for the patient.