Skin lesion recognition and early detection of skin cancer

08 March 2023 12:00 - 12:45

This presentation will look at recognsing skin lesions, and the early detection of skin cancer in primary care. Skin assessment and history is key, with detection of signs and symptoms which may suggest malignancy, and the need to refer via the NHS faster Diagnosis Service (formally NICE 2-week wait). The session will include an introduction to dermoscopy, a diagnostic tool which is very helpful for examining skin lesions and recognising morphology of normal skin lesions and skin cancer. All HCPs should be able to assess skin lesions, know the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, and when to refer.

Julie Van Onselen, Dermatology Lecturer Practitioner, UK-wide, Check4Cancer Ltd, Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead; National Eczema Society, London